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The Lost Codex


Today we are celebrating the release of THE LOST CODEX by Heather Lyons. This is the 4th, and final, book in The Collectors’ Society series. Be sure to check out the buy links below for it and the previous books in the series.


THE LOST CODEX by Heather Lyons

(The Collectors’ Society, #4)


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Allies, once inseparable, splinter until they break apart.

An insidiousness carves its way through Wonderland, challenging the land’s very existence.

Battle lines will be drawn as pages, long languishing in darkness, are finally illuminated.

Swords will clash, blood will be spilled, and lives will be lost.

For what is written can still be erased.

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THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY will be FREE till tomorrow:

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heather_front_headshot Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist. From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels—one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart-wrenching, romance. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.


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My Review

A bittersweet review for the Collector’s Society series, thank you to InkslingerPR for this wonderful journey and opportunity. Alice and Finn’s battle is far from over, with Wonderland in threat, stakes are higher than before.

Even though this is the last book of the series, it does not feel rushed. Heather Lyons had built everything to this moment, and bringing it down gently after an exciting climax. I definitely would love to read about The Queen of Heart’s story as separate, she does have an interesting background.

As Alice and Finn tries to save their world, their story from being erased completely, things get hairy as their enemies are stronger than they are. We know about the Piper, we know about the Thirteenth Witch, what we didn’t know is why the Queen of Hearts liaised herself with them.

And finally

Suspense! Mysteries finally solved! If you are interested in reading this book, you would have to start with the Collector’s Society, the first book that takes you on this really psychedelic journey. If you love books, this series is definitely for you,  


Gosh, which villain next for the Collector’s Society? 

There are so many candidates! Such as Lannister family, Voldmort is dead so he doesn’t count (I would say the Malfroys though). how about that Elf Queen in Sarah Maas’s series huh? if I have to really pick one, probably be Lemony Snicket, if he is still alive, I cannot remember.

Dastardly, devious and downright funny, I think Mr. Snicket would provide some mind brain challenge for the society.

The Dubious SIM Team

The Dubious SIM Team: Colton Banyon Mystery 26Author: Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Series: Colton Banyon 26
Genre: action, mystery, sci- fi

Colton Banyon is not really back, but is a side character for the newly formed Scientific Investigations Mandate (SIM) team. This story happens directly after the Sumi Collision, belonging to his previous adventure series the Society of Orion. To understand this book better, you do have to start from Society of Orion, there is a 3 book box-set for you to start with. 

After the Sumi had been defeated, there are plenty of things to clean up. Dangerous weapons are high on the list, and SIM team has been tasked to find it. While Colton is not the main character in the SIM team series, he does a pretty job becoming the backup man. As the team struggles to find fifty of the remaining weapons, something interesting pops up at the Dark Web. Suddenly, it is not just the SIM team that is after the deadly things.

What happens if the Dubious SIM team finds those weapons? Colton wants to destroy it, but someone high up in the food chain wants to preserve them and find out how they work. If you have followed the Society of Orion series, you will know the answer to that. Troubles compound, and the team is running out of time. Thing keeps getting better and better, with poor Colt not getting any time to retire.

Interestingly enough, progression of the Dubious SIM team seems logical in Kubicki’s series. Colt has come so far from being a historical fiction to a science fiction story. However, I miss the history lesson Colt and his gang used to give, the good old times where I was taken to obscure yet real places that I have put onto my to visit list. I do hope that Colton will revisit more interesting historical place soon. 

Transformed: Paris

Transformed: Paris: A Quirky Queer Spy Novel, 2
Author: Jack Harvey, Suzanne Falter
Publisher: New Heights Publishing
Series: A Quirky Queer Spy Novel 2
Genre: LGBT, mystery
ASIN: B01K0T768E

I have received the book from the authors in exchange for a fair review. 

Story starts off with transman Charley MacElroy and Electra going to Paris, meanwhile there is a plot of plant dirty bombs around Paris, to threaten the government into kicking out the migrants. Main thing is that, you already know who the bad guys are, the heroes do not. Top that off with Charley and Electra having relationship problems because of the topic of polyamory. 

I do not mind this book, it is easy to read despite the fact that I have not read the first book, Transformed: San Francisco. Accompanying Charley and Electra on a chase to find the bad guys was fun, but not totally exhilarating. I am not sure how Electra became a dominatrix sleuth, but she does have a pretty good nose. While Charley is busy cutting red tapes, Electra somehow manages to steal the show.

When the duo is not hunting bad guys, the story turns to their relationship and its problems. While I understand that this is a series and their relationship will be a constant topic, I find that in Transformed: Paris, it was a little long winded. Charley tries to be forceful, but Electra pushes back as she is not comfortable with the idea of polyamory at all. 

There is not much thrills in this book, because you are just reading how the story played out, instead of guessing who is the bad guy and what is their next step. While the book is well plotted and the characters are solid, Transformed: Paris is just another action movie that struggles to keep my attention. Overall, this book is a fun read with some interesting conflicts, but it seems like the story is still in the building stage.

Demon King

Demon King: Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Book Two (Volume 2)
Author: Kassandra Lynn
Series: Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 17, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1523450299
Synopsis: Adriana has returned to her kingdom and ascended the throne as the rightful Demon King. However, she finds her home on the brink of war. Heartbroken and drained from a forbidden love, Adriana must find a way to assume her responsibilities, stop a war, and somehow unravel the family secrets that threaten to destroy her world. It’s a tremendous feat, but one she may be destined for.


Firewalker (The Worldwalker Trilogy)
Author: Josephine Angelini
Series: The Worldwalker Trilogy (Book 2)
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
 ISBN-13: 978-1250050908
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon: I’m a Witch and Witches burn. Lily is back in her own universe, and she’s ready to relax with Rowan. True, she almost died in the Pyre that fueled their escape, and must hide her magic for the safety of the world, but compared to fighting the monstrous Woven and leading armies in the alternate Salem, life is looking good.
You think I’m a monster, but my choices, as ruthless as they seem, are justified. Unfortunately, Lillian, ruthless ruler of the 13 Cities, is not willing to let Lily go that easily. If she can’t persuade Lily to return to her world, she’ll have to find a way to make her come back. Picking up right where Trial By Fire left off…


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Lily is back in her world with Rowan. Her own sister Juliette and mother Samantha arrived just in time to help badly burned Lily and Rowan, return home. It did not take long for Lily to recover and convince her sister that Rowan was from a different dimension.

In her world, Rowan finds many fascinating things in this new world, while Lily struggles return to normality. Without telling Rowan, Lily and Lilian from the other world had been conversing due to their bond. Lilian tries to convince Lily that what she had done and going to do was right for the world that she loves. Their mind sharing has allowed Lily to realize what Lilian had went through and her motive.

With Rowan insisting to return to his own world to save his friends from Lilian’s evil clutches, Lily has no choice but to follow, this time with companions. Arm with information from Lilian and part of her memories, Lily makes a hard decision, and she is not sure about the outcome, but it was better than her other options.

In book two of the series, some answers are revealed as another question surfaces. What are the woven exactly? Back in Rowan’s world, Lily refuses to walk the paths set for her, choosing instead to forge a new one. Exciting times ahead, I am enjoying this series a lot. There are a lot of elements that make this series interesting and unique, even Lily seems to have some internal battle with her conscience and her dream. Definitely worth reading, can’t wait for book 3.

Deep Blue

 Deep Blue (A Waterfire Saga Novel)
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Series: A Waterfire Saga 1
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN-13: 978-1423133162
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon:  When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. And yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin’s arrow poisons Sera’s mother. Now, Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin’s master and prevent a war between the Mer nations. Led only by her shadowy dreams, Sera searches for five other mermaid heroines who are scattered across the six seas. Together, they will form an unbreakable bond of sisterhood and uncover a conspiracy that threatens their world’s very existence.

cover from library

A bit sad that most covers are similar, but I guess it is a lot easier to reuse the cover if there is nothing wrong with it. Deep Blue is the first book of a adventure story of the mermaid Serafina, Princess of Merrow, the star of the show with other mermaids. I am a little bit disappointed with the fact that six mermaids were all females, it would have been more realistic to have a mix.

According to Iele legends, six mermaids would have to find their talismans and send some ancient evil back to the depths. Serafina’s journey begins when her home was attacked on her engagement day with Prince Mahdi. With her best friend Neela, who is coincidentally another mermaid on the list of six, they swim to safety and to find answers from the ones who foretold the prophecy.

This is a book that is aimed for younger readers, hence events are written to capture the focus of young people with actions and moral lessons that can be used for later discussion. For those seasoned readers, I can be mean and comment that this book is fast paced but lacked structure and depth compare to others. But that would be harsh as this isn’t really for an adult audience.

As Serafina finds the rest of the mermaids tied to the story, they arrive at the Iele for answers, but they ain’t really getting one that they like. Now the adventure begins, I am still waiting for book two of the series before I comment on how readable this series is.

Perfect for young girls who likes mermaids, although guys might find it boring with girl mermaid swimming around looking lost, although it does have a good dose of action and fighting.  





Devoured (The Hunger Book 1)
Author: Jason Brant
Series: The Hunger Book 1
Genre: pre- apocalyptic, zombies/ vamppires, action
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon:
Day One: A series of terrorist attacks spread a cloud of noxious gas over highly populated areas.
Day Two: Higher brain function erodes in those exposed to the gas. Their bodies begin to distort, faces distending, skin sallowing, teeth elongating.
Day Three: The infected disappear into the shadows, fleeing the harsh daylight which has begun to sear their flesh.
Day Four: The world is DEVOURED.
Life isn’t kind to Lance York. A full-time job has eluded him for years, his wife loathes the sight of him, his bank accounts are empty, and his wealthy father-in-law revels in his failures. After he lunges in front of a car to save a sick and disoriented woman, Lance awakens in a quarantined hospital. A devastating plague is spreading worldwide, driving those infected with it insane. Their bodies begin to mutate into horrors that have haunted mankind’s nightmares for centuries. The world descends into chaos as the infected flee to the shadows, emerging at night to devour the remnants of civilization. With the help of an unlikely ally, Lance must navigate through the collapsing city of Pittsburgh, striving to escape the madness of the apocalypse that unfolds around them.

I was recommended to read this by a few book bloggers and gave it a go, since it was free on Kindle. The story was a little slow at the start, with Lance York being the protagonist who is not having a good run in his life. Well, things get from bad to worse when he was quarantined in hospital with a mutating woman.

With nothing more than survival instincts and a inquisitive mind, Lance tries to escape Pittsburgh. Life after those mutated beings come to life was not pretty or easy, people start to turn on each other, it was everyone for himself. It was just as well that he met an ally, a girl who was also bent on staying alive.

Together, they made their way towards a safety zone, only to find it also in danger of collapsing. Devoured is a sci-fi sort of book, even though it features flesh/ blood eating brainless beings that was afraid of UV. A good touch to say that it was gruesome to combine two mythical things into one, and making them practically invincible.

Devoured is a good start for those action buffs who wants to read gore and human’s desire to stay alive. Lance York might not be your usual hero, but in a land where it is every man for himself, he is the epitome of a good guy who would prevail, I hope. 


Image from My Addiction is Reading
New Adult Dystopian
Date Published: January 26, 2016
I was raised in a world where humans no longer rule. 
In the past, we made a terrible mistake by creating a new species we thought would serve us as our army, which led to our downfall. 
There was a war, we lost, and many lives were massacred. It was the end of life as we knew it and the beginning of a hell we were now trapped in. We became enslaved to what we now called Superiors, becoming pets to them, simply there to entertain. 
In a world so miserable, I managed to do the unthinkable: I fell in love. But even that was doomed, because to love a Superior was forbidden.
What the rest of the Superiors didn’t know was how deeply a human could love or how resilient we became when we were hurt.
The Superiors never could have imagined an uprising, which was why they never saw it coming.
Humans deserved to be free, and I would stop at nothing to deliver that promise.
My name is Tilly, and I am still alive with one sole purpose: to begin a revolution.
I had been raised to believe humans were worthless. We owned them and controlled them, and when we were done with them, we threw them away. Therefore, I never thought I would ever feel more for Tilly than disinterest. I never expected to want to save her.
It was forbidden for a Superior to love a human. No one had ever crossed that line, but I did. I fell madly in love with her, so it was no surprise how we ended up.
I was raised to be a soldier, and that was what I was always going to be. However, I was not a soldier for the Superiors, not anymore.
I became a soldier for humans, and I would stop at nothing to help them. They deserved to be free, and I would die protecting them.
My name is Johnny, and I am here with one sole purpose: to finish a revolution.

Jessica Frances is an avid reader and writer, spending most of her free time doing both. She loves delving into the paranormal world and taking a break from real life as much as possible.

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I love reading dystopians for a few reasons: the story plot, the characters and the odds the heroes face to become a true hero. There is a certain charm to that theme, it never gets old. That was the main reason why I wanted to read Revolution, because someone had stuffed up somewhere and humans suddenly found themselves at the bottom of the food chain.

Enter Tilly the main heroine of the story, and her counterpart hero Johnny. Both fight for freedom, although the word means differently to both people. Their struggle is like up Mount Everest, while the odds are stacked against them from the start.

But Revolution is nothing without friends and those who fight for what they believe in, even if their enemies are Superior and they are more likely to lose than emerge victorious. We all would vote for the underdogs, because they are humans and they have never-ending hope and courage, right?

Revolution might have the same old plot, David versus Goliath, but Tilly and Johnny’s story deserves to be heard, almost like Romeo and Juliet (almost). In the end, I was satisfied with the outcome, and trust that you would find it awesome too.

UnAwakened : Dae Portals 2

cover from My Addiction is Reading
Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Dystopian
Date Published: January 26, 2016

In order to restore peace after the Dawn of Dae, the United States has declared martial law. Enforcing the militant regime won’t be easy, and a new policing force of dae and their bonded humans has been mustered to keep the populace under tight control. 

Alexa wants nothing to do with the government, its army, or the special forces meant to keep rebellion at bay, but she has a choice: do what Kenneth Smith wants or die a quick death. As one of the unawakened, she has no chance of infiltrating the police on her own. Forced to partner with Kenneth’s dae, who dislikes her almost as much as she dislikes it, her life hinges on how well she convinces others she’s a big, bad monster just like them instead of an ordinary human woman. 

Working for the police is no easier than dealing with Kenneth’s work. During the day, she’s a part of the law, but at night, she’s a tool of crime and war. It’s only a matter of time before she’s caught–or fails her mission and is killed by her drug-dealing boss. 

If she wants to live a free life, she’ll need to take care of Kenneth once and for all. Since he won’t listen to reason and let her go, she’s determined to buy her freedom with his death. 

Unfortunately, Kenneth isn’t the only problem in her life, and unless she does something about Rob, she’ll lose the independence she fought so hard for. Worse, unless she’s careful, he’ll make her like it…

Opener of Portals. Urban Fantasy Author. Mistress of Giggles. Warped Sense of Humor.

 Trillian Anderson is, like so many of us, a figment of someone’s imagination. She was born somewhere in the United States, loves to travel, and has no scruples about moving to new and interesting places around the world. She loves fantasy fiction of all types, but holds a special fondness for urban fantasies, epic fantasies, and stories capable of capturing her imagine.

Most of all, she enjoys grabbing a flashlight, hiding under the blankets, and pretending she’s asleep when she’s, in actuality, reading a beloved book.

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My Review:

I am so happy when I got selected for Dae Portals 2: UnAwakened, finally I get to read more about Alexa and her mac and cheese, Colby. Yeah this book is so creatively written and entertaining for a lot of reasons, main one being the myriad of characters that do no behave according to … any rule book.

If you have not read the first book, then UnAwakened would not make much sense, you should read Dawn of Dae first, because the characters and events are from that book. This is continuation of the series. Some questions attempt to answer themselves while Alexa tries to put her complicated, dangerous life back in order.

Pretty soon, the stakes are raised to difficulty level hard, Alexa knows what she has to do to gain her freedom, but is it worth it? Or would she be fighting a losing battle with the Dae?

This is a fast paced, dizzying heights of action for Dae Portals 2, I cannot wait for the next one.

Knight of The Seven Kingdoms

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Author: George R. R. Martin, Ilustrator: Gary Gianni
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire
Publisher: Bantam; 1st edition
ISBN-13: 978-0345533487
Genre: Action/ Adventure
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon: Before Tyrion Lannister and Podrick Payne, there was Dunk and Egg. A young, naïve but ultimately courageous hedge knight, Ser Duncan the Tall towers above his rivals—in stature if not experience. Tagging along is his diminutive squire, a boy called Egg—whose true name is hidden from all he and Dunk encounter. Though more improbable heroes may not be found in all of Westeros, great destinies lay ahead for these two . . . as do powerful foes, royal intrigue, and outrageous exploits.

I have trouble understanding why I get this book: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and not the last installment for the Game of Thrones series. I mean, if he has time to write this, why not complete the main one first. It gets to me every time I mention this book.

But Dunk is a great character to follow, and Egg, the boy who followed him, is one that is understated in this adventure. Egg might be young, he is mature and knows many things that Dunk does not. The unlikely duo sets off all over Westeros in search of action and a lesson in life.

Ser Duncan the Tall might not be a true knight, but who really cares as long as he is doing the job right to me. Their exploits are fraught with danger, their banter full of information and lessons. This story is a decade or so before the crazy Dragon King, and the Targaryen family still sits on the Iron Throne.

For fans of Game of Thrones, this is not a welcome break. I want to read that series and be done with it, and not suffer small side stories that act like a filler for the bigger one. 

The nerve of it.



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