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Nioxin Scalp Renew

trying out this

Link from Amazon: Nioxin Scalp Renew Density Restoration 1.7 FL OZ / 50 ML

One of the main concerns in my aging life is my scalp, hair fall and having less luscious hair. For those mommies who remember what was it like being pregnant and having high estrogen, those days of luscious hair will be long gone after the kid pops out. Kinda sad really.

My biggest mistake is not researching well enough before I buy, however since it was less than aud$10 I guess it was worth the risk. Nioxin is a good brand of hair products, and many people I know love using their system shampoo and conditioner. I had decided to try this on a whim. And I got mine from Strawberry net.

The instruction on the label said: to use in the evening after scalp renew dermabrasion treatment, which was clearly something that I did not do prior. I did forget some days, which is odd for me. The applicator was easy and long, with a dropper that can distribute serum almost evenly for me.

After a few weeks, I don’t see a lot of hair, but I definitely noticed that my hair is falling a little less. Not clumps and clumps during hair combing, which I hope is attributed to the serum as I am not using anything new. So far so good, my hair may not be plentiful as before, but it certainly seems like it has stabilized for me.

I should give that dermabrasion a go, seeing how well the serum works for real.  

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder


Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder [ Amazon]
Claims: a moisturizing skincare that delivers moisture to the stratum corneum and promotes beautifully translucent, firm and lustrous skin.

Powder features 2 enzymes to remove pore- clogging dead skin cells and excess sebum.

Direction: empty 1 capsule into palm and add small amount of warm water to work up into a lather. Gently cleanse for 30 seconds and rinse for 30 seconds to ensure all product is removed.

Of the things I got from Japan, this is probably the most remarkable and regrettable one, I highly regret not buying more at that time, because it was on sale and for 800 yen it was pretty good deal for me.

The small capsule is easily opened to reveal white powder inside, it is not much but enough to exfoliate your skin. This is a gentle exfoliate, so it does not make your face super duper clean, but with frequent enough use you would see some results like I did. 

I am using it alternate days, massaging it thoroughly before rinsing it off. I can see a difference before and after, which is saying a lot with just 1 minute in the routine. Ella Bache was good too, but a little more hassle with the mask needed to dry and everything. This powder is good as I am diligent and I have also this konyakku facial massager, they work well together for me. 

Since I only have one, I would be looking out for other brands of beauty powder to try, I hear Fancl has one too. Yes, I have no brand loyalty, but no reason to when there are so many new things out there I have not tried. Although I do keep coming back to some when the new one runs out, until I see something new and promising. 

Such is life of a fickle minded reviewer. 

Veet Spawax

Veet Spawax

Veet Spawax
Got from Woolsworth for 1/2 price (aud$30)
RRP: $59.99

I got this because I really wanted it. Can’t tell you how much I wanted a spa kit that doesn’t cost as bomb and doesn’t need wax strips.

I’m that lazy of a person. This spa wax is a strip free system, the one the beauty salons usually use here, warm wax, let cool and just remove it per instructions.


cute right?

This adorable bowl is big enough for a person or two, so this is definitely not for commercial use. I doubt there’s enough power to keep a lot of wax warm anyway. 

I don’t really like the electric connector to the bowl, if you connect it wrong it would fall off, and I had troubles because of it. Sounds stupid but it can be annoying when I tried.

the inside

It comes with a spatula and six of the wax disc, the instruction booklet is not photographed but it tells you how to clean it and approximately how many disc is needed for which body part. Of course it is just a recommendation.

So far I like it, I use the sensitive skin one so I could remove my mustache, which I recommend practicing on arms and legs before going to the face. It would be harder to hide a facial mistake. The bowl does take a while to heat up, but it cools fast once you turn it off. The wax is good, I haven’t tried other so I cannot comment on how good/ bad it is, but it does the job.

 Verdict: I got it at a good price, but I need heaps (a lot ) of practice before I can show you how well it works. I am such a noob and honestly sometimes it is worth paying someone to do it, because they had a lot of practice to do it with ease.

It does not hurt- because I have a Braun epilator, if you pulled enough hairs it stops hurting to much.

La Roche Posay Sensi White Foaming Cream


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I got this a while a go, but I had to finish my Kieh’s cleanser first before trying this one. I am not a fan of too many cleansers at once, just one and one scrub would do for me, if I do put on makeup, a micellar water would do. I am not a big fan of multiple cleanse, so a good cleanser that does the job once is the one that I would go for.

So, what’ so special about this?

First of all, it says: for sensitive Asian skin. I resent that statement, it is not only for Asian skin. 

DSC_0003 003

Containing LHA, it is a fat loving exfoliant that is great for those who suffer from acne, as the bacteria usually lives in the fatty sebum. This is a gentle enough day and night cleanser for those who need a good clean but has sensitive skin. Basically, that’s everyone right? LHA is a gentle acid, so if you have bad acne, it might not help as much, but I felt that it was good enough for me.

This thing is foamy, so a little with warm water is enough, the smell is nice enough, but does not have a ‘wow’ factor. Lather up and rinse gave me a good clean, and I like how my skin feels after it. Using it twice a day is good, but I haven’t see any big changes in my skin, so hopefully it stays good for me.

Since I got it on special, I daresay it was worth the money I paid for, but since then I have not seen it going on sale. Maybe I missed the sale, or La Roche Posay has decided to discount its product less. Nonetheless, if I can afford it, this would definitely be on my long term list.

TonyMoly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask

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TonyMoly Snail Mask from Korea, a souvenir when a relative came to visit us, he was generous enough to give me a pack of ten or more, with that 99.9% aloe vera gel. I am sure that you have heard of them before 

It RRPs at Cosmetics Now for AUD $32.95 for 5 pieces 

What it claims to do:
Repair, regenerate & hydrate
Contains filtered essence derived from organically farmed snails in Korea.
Helps enhance skin’s hydration barrier while regenerating tired distressed skin.
Blended with a plant extract Ceramium Kondoi to deliver nutrition
Protects exhausted skin against external damage.
Skin appears softer smoother more luminous & vigorous looking.


For that price, I am a little disappointed that the hydrogel is not so nice and thick like the other hydrating mask I had before hand. It does the trick though, and it feels gel- like, so if you didn’t know if it is a snail mask you wouldn’t realize it either. However, it does hold a lot of the product, I could massage some into my neck and lower. 

Result? After first application, I can safely say that you do get what you paid for sometimes. In this case, the snails work at a faster pace, and I rest in peace knowing that they are farmed, and hope that they do not contain parasites or funny bacteria that will eat my face off. As I am writing this, my face is still intact. My skin does feel better hydrated despite the hot dry day I have had in the past few days. It glows, and I have not put on any highlighters lately.

Should you buy this?

Not sure, for the price, I can definitely say that there are many Korean or Japanese facial mask that does a stellar job for less than a fraction of the cost. Granted, I have been looking after my skin and hence it was not as visible or as big of a difference for me. If you have better results and you feel that my review is not right, please let other readers know. 




Squeakie Hand Sanitiser
Supplied from: Retail Pharmacy Magazine
Ingredients: pure milk whey alcohol (squeakie’s active antibacterial agent)
purified water, bladderwrack extract, rosehip oil, aloe vera, omega 9, lime essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, cellulose gum, vegetable glycerine
Selling at 2 for $19.90
Made in: Australia

Claim: 100% natural hand sanitiser 


You better believe this, I have finally owned a 100% natural, not- tested- on- animal, sustainable bottle of hand sanitiser that works! Come on, you have to at least agree that this is a dream come true to some.

I can tell you now that this does not dry out your hands after using, nor it has that pungent alcohol sting that makes you wonder what they put inside. Made in Australia (woot), squeaky is made using sustainable and natural products found here. I am amazed that milk now has a new use: antibacterial agent. 

This is not a real review as I cannot tell you if it is truly 99% effective in bacterial removal, the only way is to perform a lab test, which I do not own. I am enthusiastic about this, because this is something that a lot of people use, and those with sensitive skin should think about trying this, maybe a natural alternative might be good.

But I am psyched, nonetheless about this, because the antibacterial hand gel market is huge, and I do have a kid who still has no concept of hygiene. Maybe one day I’ll tell a dramatic tale about brush with gastro bug.

Until then, try this! 


Why Should You Choose Dermaroller to Treat Your Skin?

Why Should You Choose Dermaroller to Treat Your Skin?

The temptation to try everything you can think of to fix your skin problems can be pretty strong. Nobody likes living with skin sags and wrinkles. The only problem is that you can actually do more harm than good by bombarding your skin with so-called miracle cures. Instead, you need to take a more logical approach and look into each treatment carefully. One of those treatments is Dermaroller, also commonly know as micro-needling, but what is the advantage of choosing it?

How Most Skincare Treatments Work

Before you can understand why some people choose Dermaroller, you need to know how most skincare treatments work. They really fall in three categories. There are those that put healthy materials into your skin, such as creams that contain antioxidants and retinoids. There are also those that encourage your body to make more of its own natural skin protectors, such as collagen and elastin. Many types of medical lasers fall into that category. They help kick the protective processes in your body into overdrive. Finally, there are those that try to correct skin problems cosmetically by resurfacing or surgically altering the skin, like facelift surgery and microdermabrasion. They remove imperfections or surgically correct sags. Although those can be good options, they shouldn’t necessarily be first choices. There are often less invasive procedures that can be just as helpful.

How Dermaroller Therapy Can Benefit the Skin

Dermaroller falls into the second category mentioned above in that it can convince your body to make more healthy materials and transport those materials to your skin cells. The device itself is usually small and hand-held. It has little needles attached to it. The needles can vary in length, but they are very small, not like the hypodermic needles you would normally think of. Lots of them are attached to the device. That way, when it rolls over your skin, they will puncture the skin just a little bit. That little bit is all it takes for your body to want to repair that new damage. In the process, it will also repair some of the damage that was there before you had the treatment.

Can Dermaroller Help More Than Other Treatments?

It’s not really a question of whether or not Dermaroller is more helpful than other treatments across the board. It’s more to do with what is best for each individual person. You see, your skin color, how thick it is, and how bad your skin problems are can all have an impact on each treatment type. If your skin is oily, things like treating your skin with medical lasers may not be a good idea because they could heat up the oils and leave blisters on your skin. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who could easily benefit from laser procedures for healthier skin. There are also a lot of other skincare treatments available besides just Dermaroller and lasers. That’s why it’s so important to look into all of the available methods before you settle on one specific option.


This post is a paid post, and I would like to say that, even though you can buy dermarollers off Ebay, they cannot be compared against the dermaroller being used by a professional because they are trained to use the dermaroller while most of us are not. Peace out. 

Aloe Vera 99.9%

20151213_191118.jpgI got this from a relative as a souvenir, Aloe Vera 99.9% soothing gel. I have been told that this cannot be true, because the substance would dry out so quickly if it is that concentrated.

I am not sure how true is this, but after using it, the gel seems to be helping a lot of issues with Prince Brat. His skin has been itchy due to the chlorine in the pool water.

It has been hot here in Adelaide, and he loves a good swim in the public pool, which means that they put a lot of more chlorine and stuff into it.

I have been using this myself, it does not have that soothing feeling you get when you cut open an aloe vera and put it straight onto your skin. This gel dries quickly and leaves no residue, which is something to ponder if you are in the market for aloe vera gels.

Unfortunately, this apparently is a Korean local product, and that relative was lucky to get heaps of it because he bought like hundreds of snail sheet mask. I am itching to ask if anyone had tried this one before and any good feedback.


of course if you can read Korean… do tell me what it says on the comment below.


Cetaphil Suntivity


Product Claims:
Photo stable UV filters offer highly effective UVA & UVB protection.
The pump dispenser provides a consistent amount of product forreliable protection.
The liposomal lotion makes it possible to evenly spread the UV filters across the skin.
As the liposomalformulation is easily applied, it feels pleasant whilst evenly distributing the lotion across the uneven skin surface providingvery high UV protection.
The lotion is quickly absorbed and nourishes delicate skin with panthenol, glycerin aloe vera and vitaminE.

For children from 1 year and older. Broad Spectrum.
4 Hours Water resistant with a pump dispenser for reliable protection. Non-greasy. Fragrance free. Won’t blockpores. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.

Direction: Apply liberally to face & body 15 to 20 mins before sun exposure.
Reapply regularly every 2 hours, especially after swimming ortowelling.

Ingredients: Diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate 50mg/g, Octyl methoxycinnamate 50mg/g, Bemotrizinol 40mg/g, Methylene bis-benzotriazolyltetramethylbutylphenol 30mg/g, Octyl triazone 30mg/g.

My Verdict:

Prince Brat has been toying with my La Roche Posay so much that my bottle almost ran out in a span of few days. That and the fact that it’s summer and the sun has been scorching, and we have been slipping, slopping and slapping our way before even daring to step outside the house. 

For those who do not live Down Under, here is the infamous Sid the Sea Gull

That song is catchy, and it shows up every summer to remind people to avoid getting sun burned. This is the new version, you can look for older versions of Sid via Youtube, which is where I got this one from.

This one I got for around aud$16, a far cry from my La Roche Posay. I intend to repurchase it after Christmas when Priceline has their Post Christmas sale. So now this will have to satisfy Prince Brat’s lust to look young.


I am not a fan of pump packs, but I had to give it a go, they had me at “liposomal”. It is not exactly new technology, but I have only seen it in expensive medications so far, where it is created to target specific cells so deliver the medication. It has finally trickled down to everyday items, and I am excited.

The best thing about this is the feel of it, it does not have the greasy feel, as per advertised. Even La Roche Posay has that oily feel if you drop too much on it onto your skin. I guess the pump back does deliver the proper amount, but some parts of the body would require about 2 pumps. It feels exquisite, if you are a fan of silicone feel, it glides on and absorbs well, despite having some physical sunblock ( I think?) with the chemical ones.

Some odd reason, Prince Brat simply adores La Roche Posay, he simply isn’t interested in the Suntivity. Since he is too young to understand the question, I might have to find out the answer by using this myself.

If you are in the lookout for good sun screens, do give this one ago, I think you might be pleasantly surprised like I was

Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity

I have received theses are part of my BeautyHeaven trial team. There are the day and night cream, eye cream and essence, which is a thicker serum. On first look, the boxDSC_0047es are bronze and all shiny. 

All three are priced at $69.99 aud each apparently. Which is good seeing that I did not have to pay for it. But Beauty Heaven demands a fair review from its trial team members.

All the products contain Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™), but each product also has other ingredients that makes it unique and all complements each other rather than being a duplicate in different forms. 

Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence

First, I have to use the Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence, it is gold in color because of it has 24 karat gold together with  Chromocare™, Resistem™, Lime Pearl™, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™). 

I might not like the packaging or the fact that this pump does not dispense the same amount every time, but the product itself its good.

The essence is thicker than serum, but it goes on easy and absorbs quick. Two qualities that mean more to me in a serum.


Then we have the Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream. The cream has a good texture and smells nice. Being a Day and Night cream, it is not as heavy as the night cream alone, but nor as light as your normal day cream. This is good for me because it absorbs quickly enough without leaving residue. This is 2nd step recommended by the trial team.

The cream contains X50 Photoglow, Sensibright, and 24 karat gold on top of their signature Juvelen, and it is supposed to help with that radiant glow. 

Eternal Youth Luminosity Day & Night Cream

Last step is the eye cream, my favorite item in the list. Because of its cool metal applicator. The applicator dispense a little bit of the cream, unless you squeeze the tube for more cream. Applied twice a day, it is supposed to brighten the eye and lighten dark circles. I am happy with this eye cream, because not only it works, it doubles as a massager, even though the cream is not much, but I can lightly tap the applicator under my eyes. 

Eternal Youth Luminosity Day & Night Eye Cream

I t is definitely an expensive set, but if it does go on special, it is worth having a go. Bear in mind that the improvement I had was the product of using all three as a regime. I cannot say for sure if it can be replicated with one product.

Since Christmas is coming, hopefully Dr Lewinn’s brings out Christmas packs with theses.