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Class of ’59

Class of ’59
Author: John Heldt
Series: American Journey Book 4
Genre: Time Travel/ Romance

I have received the book from the author for a fair review, my opinions are not affected by the gift. 

I am a follower of the American Journey series, special thanks to the author John Heldt for the privilege. All the books in the series are unique and standalone, and I will admit that Class of ’59 is my favorite from all the books that I have read in the series. Sure, they are all related to time travel, but that is just part of the story. Honestly, what is more romantic than finding your soul mate in another era? Class of 59 seems to be the best year to meet someone new. 

I am sure that the author is a romantic too, because he has written something to show that true love can and does transcends time. Generation gap is non-existent when it comes to young people in love, but I feel that the characters sometimes do have contrasting values. Both Ryan and Mary Beth are young people in love, however they are shaped by the society they were born and raised in. Thankfully, the characters in the book show great resilience and adaptability. If you want to be a time- traveler, you do have to be very adaptable.

Class of ’59 is wildly romantic, I love how Mary Beth from 2017 meets Ryan of 1959, together they discover the secret of time travel. Risking changing their future by tampering with the past, both people have a whirlwind romance. But Mary Beth does not think that it is fair to ask either party to move across time lines, even if it means not seeing each other ever again. When threat arises, a decision has to be made, and fast.

Class of ’59 is exciting and unique, it shows what the author believes in (aside from time travel) and from the books in the series, the theme so far is love transcends all. Somehow, it requires courage to make a big decision like that, because even moving across continent to spend a lifetime with another person is a big commitment. If you are a big lover of good love story and a bit of time travelling, this American Journey book and series is definitely up your alley.

The Journey

The Journey (Northwest Passage)
Author: John Heldt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: time travel, fiction

If you have a chance to change your past, would you take it?

When Michelle Preston Richardson ended up in 1979 through a room in a mysterious house, she quickly realizes where some of house’s past tenants had ended up. From a rich widow to a person in the wrong time, Michelle had to person some drastic measures to survive the change, to make things worse, she meets up with her younger self.

Now that Michelle has a chance to change her own past, would she take it? How would she return to her own time? She befriends her younger-self, and hopes to change the future of some friends as well, what are the consequences of these actions? It might sound like a suspense novel, but this is just a person’s journey to a new life. A do over, I would say.

In The Journey, John Heldt had bent the rules by letting his heroine change her future. He has done so effectively and I do find the ending quite satisfactory. Even though the climax, or the lack of it did make the book a little less interesting to read, it is still an interesting read because John Heldt experimented with a different concept: Change the past, change the future.

Should you read it? Yes.

The Mine

The Mine (Northwest Passage)
Author: John Heldt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Time travel, romance, fiction

Time travel is often a hard theme to write, you have to be careful not to change too much of the past or else you would have to change the future ( a paradoxical effect)

In The Mine, Joel Smith had accidentally stumbled into a time portal when he entered a mine in Helena. For a person born in the year 2000, he quickly realizes that he was no longer in his era when he exited the mine, wondering what had happened.

Being an adaptive person, Joel soon finds himself working in a furniture shop and falling in love with a pretty girl. Knowing that whatever he does will have an effect in the future, Joel takes steps to not cause too many ripples that would ultimately change his own. When the opportunity comes to return home, would he take it?

John Heldt has nailed the story and its theme well. I might wonder if they talk differently in the past, but I have no doubts that Joel had indeed being sent to 1941. There, the characters have a life and history, most important of all, a personality.

I do like this book and would suggest it to people who would like a light read.