About Me:

I am a no body to you. But I am a mom to Prince Brat, and a pharmacist working in a hospital. Currently I am telling people I read and review books, but I also want to be a copywriter, and trying to practice that skill.  They always say practice makes perfect, if you are interested in letting me practice that skill, I’m not charging anything until I get enough practice to do it in my sleep. My other skills do not include book promoting though, so please ask someone more qualified to organize book tours or design covers. I am doing this purely for enjoyment, like a lot of book bloggers I know. I do not earn any money for this, which is why I have a day job. 

Disclosure Policy:

I will always try to reveal the source where the book/ products are from while doing a review. But most products will be given or bought, and books will most probably be from a free source (library, author, review website etc). I promise not to be biased in my judgement for all reviews, and if my emotions are playing up I will state that as well.
And if I have a sponsored post, it will be clearly stated at the beginning, in the title.

My opinions are my own, from my own experiences and interests.

This blog will accept monetarily compensated sponsorship, pay-to-post, pay-per-post, or paid topic (or article) insertions. This blog will accept monetarily compensated articles/reviews, affiliate links, and free products (books usually) and/or services from people who offer them. However, accepting these are only used for experience-based reviews on this site does not guarantee a positive and/or favorable review. 

The compensation received will never influence my content, opinion, topics, articles or posts made in this blog, because those who approach me will be looking for an honest review, and those who read the blog are looking for one too.

All advertising (graphics, logos or slogans) generated by a third party ad network(s) or affiliate links, will be identified as paid in the post.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the mine. Endorsement will be based on personal preferences and experience. 

Disclaimer Policy:

I will not always like a book or product, and it does not mean that you have to agree with me. We are individuals, and I am just sharing my point of view without trying to offend anyone. 

If you cannot handle bad reviews, please do not ask me to review your product/ book.

While I do not go out of my way to write bad reviews (it is hard work to write a book after all), but I will not and cannot in my conscience sugarcoat things and make buyers hate me. 

Giveaway Policy:

I prefer that the organizer of the giveaway is not me, unless I am the one doing it. I am based in Australia, and only would be happy to host one if I can limit the giveaway to Australia Only. If you are based outside of this continent, you can use tools like Rafflecopter (just a normal link) and I would be happy to post it up for you. 

Currently that is all I am able to do.

Many thanks.

I also am in BitLanders, wondering what I am doing there

Any questions please contact me here: