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For my first interview of the year, I am very excited *jumping up and down like a madwoman excited* to have Mary Lennox and Victor Frankenstein to represent Heather Lyons’ Collector’s Society. I should have asked what kind of tea they would like before doing this, seriously. And please remember that I am not really a journalist so my question might suck quite a lot.

My Interview with Mary and Victor

Me: First of all, thank you for visiting and enduring my dumb questions.
Victor: Thank you so much for having us. There are no dumb questions.
Mary: Rubbish. There are always dumb questions.
Victor: (glares at her)
Mary: (smiles serenely back)
Me: (nods vigorously) Trust me I have my fair share of dumb questions, so please bear with me =D

 1. So how did you meet in detail, not like the one you gave Alice please.
Mary: We met here at the Institute. It’s not a very glamorous set-up, actually. I believe . . . (looks to Victor) it was in the elevator, correct?
Victor: (blushes; tugs on collar)
Mary: He ran into me. Literally ran into me. I had a bunch of books in my arms, and they went flying. One even through the door and then it closed, lost to me forever. And then he simply stared at me, jabbering some nonsense about not seeing a lady with an armful of books, whilst I collected my fallen texts.
Victor: It wasn’t my finest hour, to be sure. I was distracted that day.
Mary: I chewed his ear off for such behaviour. (a dreamy look overcomes her)
Victor: It wasn’t quite love at first sight, was it? But I was intrigued, especially as no one else had ever really talked to me like that before. We sparred a lot in the beginning.
Mary: It was great fun!
Me: (trying hard to look serious i.e. not to laugh)

2. I am still wondering who is the Librarian, can you give a hint? Shed some light perhaps?
Victor: We’ll be completely honest with you—neither of us have the foggiest idea who she is.
Mary: (nods)
Victor: She’s always been around, though. When I was little, there she was, working in both the Library and the Museum.
Mary: I wish I knew her aging secrets. Her skin is magnificent.
Me: hopefully not blood of virgins…

3. Do you think that you are a loyal person, not only in terms of relationship but friendship as well?
Mary: If a person isn’t loyal, they’re not part of the Society. It’s as clear as that.
Victor: Absolutely.
Mary: Personally, though . . . I would claim we’re both quite loyal to those we care for.
Victor: (nods)

4. Can you tell us (readers) more about Hidden Library, like what’s going on in the Collector’s Society goss.
Mary: We’re still on the hunt for the villains behind the deletions of Timelines.
Victor: (fiercely) That’s our number one goal. We won’t stop until we’ve apprehended them all and brought them to justice.
Mary: (softer) Victor, of course, has quite a bit of stake in this. Todd killed his mother, after all.
Me: I am sorry to hear that Victor, let’s hope Todd gets what he deserves. Let’s move on then.

5. Are you happy to be in the Society? Where would you be if you weren’t part of it?
Victor: I’ve only ever known the Society. I grew up in it. My parents were very indulgent, encouraging me to go to university—
Mary: He says “encouraging.” What nonsense. They expected you to go!
Victor: (undeterred) —and then to med school. I worked on and off with the Society during my residencies, but I always knew I was going to continue working at the Institute. I can’t imagine working elsewhere.
Mary: I very much like working at the Society. If I weren’t . . . (slyly) I’d probably be back home, married to Dickon and enraging my uncle.
Victor: (glares once more)
Mary: (smiles sweetly once more)
Me:Let’s have more tea shall we?

 6. What is the best thing about it?
Mary: About the Society? I’d say . . . just about everything. Missions, my research . . .
Victor: The people.
Mary: Ah yes, that too. (pats his face) I love the people we work with.

7. What about the worse?
Victor: You probably expect us to say the danger, right?
Mary: We’re adrenaline junkies. There is no worst.
Me: really? Not even the Janeites?

8. What do you think about the new century, do you like it?
Victor: Well, as I barely remember my original Timeline, this is all I’ve known. But obviously, I’ve been to many others. I do like modern conveniences, though.
Mary: I’m torn. I miss the way things were at home, but I deeply appreciate the conveniences of today.

9.Any budding romances that we should know about or you suspect?
(they look at each other meaningfully)
Mary: Wendy—
Victor: She’s going to get pissed at you for say this, Mary.
Mary: She’s always had a crush on Finn. Always.
Victor: (sighs heavily)
Me: No way!! 
Mary: And, I think, the A.D. has always had a thing for Wendy.
Victor: (another deep sigh) You say this like it’s a fact. It is not a fact. You have no proof.
Mary: (smiles sweetly some more)
Me: We will see, won’t we … hee hee

 10. How is Van Brunt as a father figure?
Victor: Well, he is my father. The only father I’ve ever known. And . . . if I ever had a chance to meet my biological one . . . I would still chose Brom. Every single time.
Mary: Victor and Finn hero-worship him.

 11. I have seen photos of you previously Victor, how do you keep so fit? Not to day that you are not Mary, but you guys are fighting fit. Please tell us your fitness regime aside from kicking bad guy’s ass.
Victor: We are expected to train daily to keep fit. So, there’s always at least an hour of exercise followed by an hour of weapons.
Mary: I’m terrible at weapons. And I think treadmills are evil. But I get on them anyway.
Me: evil treadmills, got it.

12. Why do you think that someone wants to destroy books, why go such lengths?
Victor: Honestly, none of us can figure that out. Why would anyone want to be so cruel?
Mary: Some people are evil. That’s just how they are.
Victor: We’ll find the answer, though. And put a stop to it.
Me: I hope that you do, we have lost enough books and beloved characters already.

13. Mary, did you really love Dickon? Do you still keep in touch?
Mary: Of course I loved him.
Victor: (silent)
Mary: We do not keep in touch. He’s married now, and my heart is elsewhere. (takes Victor’s hand) He was a dear friend, though.

14. What do you guys do for dates?
Mary: We like the cinema quite a bit.
Victor: And we like to try new restaurants.
Mary: Do we even really date anymore? I don’t know if we do. We’re quite comfortable with one another, you know.
Me: At least you don’t count missions as dates, that would be quite worrying.

15. Any memorable, romantic thing that you would care to share to fellow readers?
Mary: Do you remember that movie, the one with the couple on top of the Empire State Building? We did something a little like that after one of our terrible rows, only, unlike the movie, I came. He did, too.
Victor: (kisses her hand)
Mary: It was raining and cold, quite windy, too. It’s one of my very favorite memories.
Victor: Mine, too.
Me: awwww…


Are you wondering who Victor and Mary are? They are from Collector’s Society, and Hidden Library is episode two of this intriguing new series. I’ll be posting a review soon, and hope you Collector’s Society fans out there wouldn’t kill me for asking lame questions to Mary. Maybe next time I’ll get better and have the chance to interrogate *ahem* interview, Alice and Finn or or … ermm… The White King himself.

Wouldn’t that be interesting!  

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