Mercer Street
Author: John Heldt
Series: American Journey #2
Publisher: John A. Heldt
Genre: Time travel
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My synopsis: Susan Peterson was nursing an emotional wound whilst travelling with her mother Elizabeth and daughter Amanda. A lecture on time travelling propels the trio into an experience of a lifetime.

If you have read September Sky, then you would be familiar with the process for American Journey series. After a lecture on time travelling, they were invited to have a chat with Professor Bell, the man who believes that it can be done. 

With her mother and daughter by her side, Susan embarks on a new journey in 1938. Like the previous travelers before them, it was a priceless experience, not one without danger. Any thing may impact on their lives in the future. It was a volatile situation, being so close to World War 2, and being so close to events that shaped our world as it is now.

As life in 1938 goes on, the girls rekindle their passion for things in life. When Amanda risked everything for her new beau, she might be jeopardizing everything that they hold dear. The future now seems uncertain, any misstep may alter the course of history for real.

Three females does make a good read, three different perspectives from different generation and therefore viewpoints. Nothing escapes the matron of the lot, while Susan and Amanda stumble through their new life like a new born babe.

It is amazing how detailed the author is when setting scenes for the past. It is a well researched and described setting for the three girls to be in. The risk they took and their fears reflected as they make important decisions regarding their future.

If you are a fan of time travelling, there is a certain romanticism attached to finding true love in the wrong time. I admire how the author manages to find wriggling room to allow for changes in history, I suspect he is a skillful meddler who likes saving people for the sake of it.

But I often wonder, if the meddler can go too far sometimes. Awesome read, this can be read as a standalone, but is more fun to read it from book 1, but the travelers are given a brief summary so it is not strictly necessary. 

  • The different perspectives and pov sound good for this one

    • So far this time travelling series give readers a sense of how it’s like living in a specific time frame. I like it too, the author does a lot of research in mannerisms and language