Veet Spawax

Veet Spawax

Veet Spawax
Got from Woolsworth for 1/2 price (aud$30)
RRP: $59.99

I got this because I really wanted it. Can’t tell you how much I wanted a spa kit that doesn’t cost as bomb and doesn’t need wax strips.

I’m that lazy of a person. This spa wax is a strip free system, the one the beauty salons usually use here, warm wax, let cool and just remove it per instructions.


cute right?

This adorable bowl is big enough for a person or two, so this is definitely not for commercial use. I doubt there’s enough power to keep a lot of wax warm anyway. 

I don’t really like the electric connector to the bowl, if you connect it wrong it would fall off, and I had troubles because of it. Sounds stupid but it can be annoying when I tried.

the inside

It comes with a spatula and six of the wax disc, the instruction booklet is not photographed but it tells you how to clean it and approximately how many disc is needed for which body part. Of course it is just a recommendation.

So far I like it, I use the sensitive skin one so I could remove my mustache, which I recommend practicing on arms and legs before going to the face. It would be harder to hide a facial mistake. The bowl does take a while to heat up, but it cools fast once you turn it off. The wax is good, I haven’t tried other so I cannot comment on how good/ bad it is, but it does the job.

 Verdict: I got it at a good price, but I need heaps (a lot ) of practice before I can show you how well it works. I am such a noob and honestly sometimes it is worth paying someone to do it, because they had a lot of practice to do it with ease.

It does not hurt- because I have a Braun epilator, if you pulled enough hairs it stops hurting to much.

Deep Blue

 Deep Blue (A Waterfire Saga Novel)
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Series: A Waterfire Saga 1
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN-13: 978-1423133162
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon:  When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. And yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin’s arrow poisons Sera’s mother. Now, Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin’s master and prevent a war between the Mer nations. Led only by her shadowy dreams, Sera searches for five other mermaid heroines who are scattered across the six seas. Together, they will form an unbreakable bond of sisterhood and uncover a conspiracy that threatens their world’s very existence.

cover from library

A bit sad that most covers are similar, but I guess it is a lot easier to reuse the cover if there is nothing wrong with it. Deep Blue is the first book of a adventure story of the mermaid Serafina, Princess of Merrow, the star of the show with other mermaids. I am a little bit disappointed with the fact that six mermaids were all females, it would have been more realistic to have a mix.

According to Iele legends, six mermaids would have to find their talismans and send some ancient evil back to the depths. Serafina’s journey begins when her home was attacked on her engagement day with Prince Mahdi. With her best friend Neela, who is coincidentally another mermaid on the list of six, they swim to safety and to find answers from the ones who foretold the prophecy.

This is a book that is aimed for younger readers, hence events are written to capture the focus of young people with actions and moral lessons that can be used for later discussion. For those seasoned readers, I can be mean and comment that this book is fast paced but lacked structure and depth compare to others. But that would be harsh as this isn’t really for an adult audience.

As Serafina finds the rest of the mermaids tied to the story, they arrive at the Iele for answers, but they ain’t really getting one that they like. Now the adventure begins, I am still waiting for book two of the series before I comment on how readable this series is.

Perfect for young girls who likes mermaids, although guys might find it boring with girl mermaid swimming around looking lost, although it does have a good dose of action and fighting.  





Devoured (The Hunger Book 1)
Author: Jason Brant
Series: The Hunger Book 1
Genre: pre- apocalyptic, zombies/ vamppires, action
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon:
Day One: A series of terrorist attacks spread a cloud of noxious gas over highly populated areas.
Day Two: Higher brain function erodes in those exposed to the gas. Their bodies begin to distort, faces distending, skin sallowing, teeth elongating.
Day Three: The infected disappear into the shadows, fleeing the harsh daylight which has begun to sear their flesh.
Day Four: The world is DEVOURED.
Life isn’t kind to Lance York. A full-time job has eluded him for years, his wife loathes the sight of him, his bank accounts are empty, and his wealthy father-in-law revels in his failures. After he lunges in front of a car to save a sick and disoriented woman, Lance awakens in a quarantined hospital. A devastating plague is spreading worldwide, driving those infected with it insane. Their bodies begin to mutate into horrors that have haunted mankind’s nightmares for centuries. The world descends into chaos as the infected flee to the shadows, emerging at night to devour the remnants of civilization. With the help of an unlikely ally, Lance must navigate through the collapsing city of Pittsburgh, striving to escape the madness of the apocalypse that unfolds around them.

I was recommended to read this by a few book bloggers and gave it a go, since it was free on Kindle. The story was a little slow at the start, with Lance York being the protagonist who is not having a good run in his life. Well, things get from bad to worse when he was quarantined in hospital with a mutating woman.

With nothing more than survival instincts and a inquisitive mind, Lance tries to escape Pittsburgh. Life after those mutated beings come to life was not pretty or easy, people start to turn on each other, it was everyone for himself. It was just as well that he met an ally, a girl who was also bent on staying alive.

Together, they made their way towards a safety zone, only to find it also in danger of collapsing. Devoured is a sci-fi sort of book, even though it features flesh/ blood eating brainless beings that was afraid of UV. A good touch to say that it was gruesome to combine two mythical things into one, and making them practically invincible.

Devoured is a good start for those action buffs who wants to read gore and human’s desire to stay alive. Lance York might not be your usual hero, but in a land where it is every man for himself, he is the epitome of a good guy who would prevail, I hope. 

La Roche Posay Sensi White Foaming Cream


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I got this a while a go, but I had to finish my Kieh’s cleanser first before trying this one. I am not a fan of too many cleansers at once, just one and one scrub would do for me, if I do put on makeup, a micellar water would do. I am not a big fan of multiple cleanse, so a good cleanser that does the job once is the one that I would go for.

So, what’ so special about this?

First of all, it says: for sensitive Asian skin. I resent that statement, it is not only for Asian skin. 

DSC_0003 003

Containing LHA, it is a fat loving exfoliant that is great for those who suffer from acne, as the bacteria usually lives in the fatty sebum. This is a gentle enough day and night cleanser for those who need a good clean but has sensitive skin. Basically, that’s everyone right? LHA is a gentle acid, so if you have bad acne, it might not help as much, but I felt that it was good enough for me.

This thing is foamy, so a little with warm water is enough, the smell is nice enough, but does not have a ‘wow’ factor. Lather up and rinse gave me a good clean, and I like how my skin feels after it. Using it twice a day is good, but I haven’t see any big changes in my skin, so hopefully it stays good for me.

Since I got it on special, I daresay it was worth the money I paid for, but since then I have not seen it going on sale. Maybe I missed the sale, or La Roche Posay has decided to discount its product less. Nonetheless, if I can afford it, this would definitely be on my long term list.


Image from My Addiction is Reading
New Adult Dystopian
Date Published: January 26, 2016
I was raised in a world where humans no longer rule. 
In the past, we made a terrible mistake by creating a new species we thought would serve us as our army, which led to our downfall. 
There was a war, we lost, and many lives were massacred. It was the end of life as we knew it and the beginning of a hell we were now trapped in. We became enslaved to what we now called Superiors, becoming pets to them, simply there to entertain. 
In a world so miserable, I managed to do the unthinkable: I fell in love. But even that was doomed, because to love a Superior was forbidden.
What the rest of the Superiors didn’t know was how deeply a human could love or how resilient we became when we were hurt.
The Superiors never could have imagined an uprising, which was why they never saw it coming.
Humans deserved to be free, and I would stop at nothing to deliver that promise.
My name is Tilly, and I am still alive with one sole purpose: to begin a revolution.
I had been raised to believe humans were worthless. We owned them and controlled them, and when we were done with them, we threw them away. Therefore, I never thought I would ever feel more for Tilly than disinterest. I never expected to want to save her.
It was forbidden for a Superior to love a human. No one had ever crossed that line, but I did. I fell madly in love with her, so it was no surprise how we ended up.
I was raised to be a soldier, and that was what I was always going to be. However, I was not a soldier for the Superiors, not anymore.
I became a soldier for humans, and I would stop at nothing to help them. They deserved to be free, and I would die protecting them.
My name is Johnny, and I am here with one sole purpose: to finish a revolution.

Jessica Frances is an avid reader and writer, spending most of her free time doing both. She loves delving into the paranormal world and taking a break from real life as much as possible.

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I love reading dystopians for a few reasons: the story plot, the characters and the odds the heroes face to become a true hero. There is a certain charm to that theme, it never gets old. That was the main reason why I wanted to read Revolution, because someone had stuffed up somewhere and humans suddenly found themselves at the bottom of the food chain.

Enter Tilly the main heroine of the story, and her counterpart hero Johnny. Both fight for freedom, although the word means differently to both people. Their struggle is like up Mount Everest, while the odds are stacked against them from the start.

But Revolution is nothing without friends and those who fight for what they believe in, even if their enemies are Superior and they are more likely to lose than emerge victorious. We all would vote for the underdogs, because they are humans and they have never-ending hope and courage, right?

Revolution might have the same old plot, David versus Goliath, but Tilly and Johnny’s story deserves to be heard, almost like Romeo and Juliet (almost). In the end, I was satisfied with the outcome, and trust that you would find it awesome too.

Midsummer Dreams

midsummer dreams from Amazon
midsummer dreams from Amazon

Midsummer Dreams
Author: Alison May
Publisher: Choc Lit
Cover and Link from Amazon
Genre: Young adults, rewrites
Synopsis from Amazon: Four people. Four messy lives. One night that changes everything …
Emily is obsessed with ending her father’s new relationship – but is blind to the fact that her own is far from perfect. Dominic has spent so long making other people happy that he’s hardly noticed he’s not happy himself. Helen has loved the same man, unrequitedly, for ten years. Now she may have to face up to the fact that he will never be hers. Alex has always played the field. But when he finally meets a girl he wants to commit to, she is just out of his reach. At a midsummer wedding party, the bonds that tie the four friends together begin to unravel and show them that, sometimes, the sensible choice is not always the right one.

I got this from Netgalley, attracted by the title: Midsummer Dreams and the cover of four young people. We have Emily, who has had a sheltered life and friends with Helen, who has money issues. Emily is dating Dom, and Alex is Helen’s new housemate. 

Introductions aside, Midsummer Dreams is like Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, except that fairies do not show up in this book at all, they may or may not have a role in the story, but there is no talk of supernatural beings in the book.

Emily has family issues, Helen’s financial issues coupled with her crush is Emily’s boyfriend. While her housemate Alex has optimism, Dom is struggling to make himself happy with his life, even though everything is as it should be.

A modern twist to the well known story, Misummer Dreams is a recommended read, particularly if you had troubles understanding the hidden messages in the original one. This can be a cause for discussion between purist and those who think the rewrite is better.

But I myself think that it is a good rewrite, but the original still has its magic.

The Vegetarian

The Vegetarian: A Novel
Author: Han Kang
Publisher: Hogarth
Release: February 2, 2016
ISBN-13: 978-0553448184
Book from: Blogging For Books via Netgalley
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon: Before the nightmares began, Yeong-hye and her husband lived an ordinary, controlled life. But the dreams—invasive images of blood and brutality—torture her, driving Yeong-hye to purge her mind and renounce eating meat altogether. It’s a small act of independence, but it interrupts her marriage and sets into motion an increasingly grotesque chain of events at home. As her husband, her brother-in-law and sister each fight to reassert their control, Yeong-hye obsessively defends the choice that’s become sacred to her. Soon their attempts turn desperate, subjecting first her mind, and then her body, to ever more intrusive and perverse violations, sending Yeong-hye spiraling into a dangerous, bizarre estrangement, not only from those closest to her, but also from herself.

I requested this from Blogging For Books because curiosity got the better of me, Han Kang is a South Korean writer and the book is based in South Korea and everything. And the synopsis was a type of mystery: why had Yeong- hye decided to stop eating meat? The story is told in a first person point of view of  Yeong-hye’s husband, who described himself as normal, plain. He also described Yeong- hye to be similar, unexciting and undemanding, the perfect wife.

One night, Yeong- hye changed, she had decided to stop eating meat, announcing to her husband that she would be a vegetarian, and proceeded to dump all meat items from the house. Her concerned husband enlisted the help of her family, which had ended up with a tousle worth remembering. If you are wondering, this is not because her family was opposed to her ‘vegetarianism’ but rather the sudden change, and the way she looked (read: malnourished). 

The story progressed with Yeong- hye being diagnosed a mental illness and things start to change. I know that some of you would find it horrible to read Yeong- hye’s experiences when she was labelled mentally ill, but the lack of education and support does reflect the typical Asian mentality. Soon all that was left was her older sister In- Hye.

This psychological suspense story is not for everyone, it is dark and confronting, especially if you feel strongly about ill treatment of people. Although this is fiction, it touches me as I feel that I have been lucky for far, living in a country where mental illness is accepted and patients are generally well supported and encouraged to live life as normal as possible. And I am sure that if you choose to be a vegetarian, most people would not even bat an eyelid, let alone launch an intervention.

I would describe The Vegetarian as beautifully written and sad story, the words seemed to pour out of the author, and the nightmares were terrifying as it is imaginative. I am in awe, her writing style matches the genre perfectly, it was like a spiraling journey towards an ending that is inevitable, but truly mesmerizing. However if you are not a big fan of scary psychological thriller it is best to skip this one.

This really messes up with your mind. 


End of Days

End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days Series)
Author: Susan Ee
Series: Penryn & the End of Days Series (Book 3)
ISBN-13: 978-1477829707
Genre: angels, end of days, action, fantasy
Synopsis from Amazon:. After a daring escape from the angels, Penryn and Raffe are on the run. They’re both desperate to find a doctor who can reverse the twisted changes inflicted by the angels on Raffe and Penryn’s sister. As they set off in search of answers, a startling revelation about Raffe’s past unleashes dark forces that threaten them all. When the angels release an apocalyptic nightmare onto humans, both sides are set on a path toward war. As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift, who will emerge victorious? Forced to pick sides in the fight for control of the earthly realm, Raffe and Penryn must choose: Their own kind, or each other?

13 (4)
copy from library

A thrilling end to the series for Penryn and Paige. I have been waiting so long for this, it has arrived! I was not disappointed \(^o^)/ hurray! Truly a very captivating struggle to the end, and I have been taken to many places, and seen many things with Penryn and Paige. One thing that bothers me is: all this for a spot as God’s Messenger?

Hahaha, if you haven’t read about Penryn and the End of Days, it started with Penryn in a post-apocalyptic scene after the angels landed and started to kill humans off. The result is a chaotic world where hunger is common and there are things that likes human meat roaming around the world. As if that is not bad enough, Angels like to use humans as slaves and what not. This is book one.

Now, in the End of Days, Penryn and Raffe have reached some sort of agreement to save the angels and humans both from certain destruction. As the double cross becomes triple cross, everything is uncertain. I love uncertainty, it makes a good guessing game. Angels are in a fight: Uriel and his doomsday news versus Raffe and his band of misfits. 

I cannot recommend this enough for those who like a good action/ adventure story with a dark theme. Penryn might be mortal, but her strength and resourcefulness would see her through the times ahead. A heroine worth following, even though she never thought that she was one. 

Paper Towns

Paper Towns
Author: John Green
Publisher: Speak; Reprint edition (September 22, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-0142414934
Genre: young adult, mystery, adventure
Cover and Link from Amazon
Synopsis from Amazon: When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night—dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge—he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q.


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Paper Towns falls in to my ‘disappointed’ category, the whole story just was not for me. In the beginning it was fun, exciting and new. Quentin, Q, is neighbors with Margo Roth Spiegelman. At school, Q belongs to the nerdy bunch, destined for Duke College while Margo belongs to the popular club, where she rules the school with flair.

It all started when Margo dragged Q into exacting revenges to fellow classmates for betraying her. Q was caught up in the rush with Margo next to him, he thought that he might actually be out of friendzone.

Except not, Margo disappeared soon after, living behind angry parents and clues. Q soon sets to decipher the clues to find Margo, his friends Radar and Ben roped into the mystery of finding Margo.

It was then the story went from fun to boring, Q’s parents are not fun to read at all, being psychologist or some kind, their attempts to communicate with Q was awkward and borderline on discriminating (if you belong to the less fortunate side). I have no reason to believe that Q is ‘well adjusted’, seeing that he had started to lie so much while looking for Margo without the parents catching on.

In real life, how many lies can you tell before your parents starts sniffing?

So all that investigating and running around, Paper Towns felt more like Dry Towns, when Q hit a dead end. But he persevered, despite being advised to let things go. So all that clue searching and testing of friendship…

He succeeds, Q successfully finds Margo.

You will have to read or watch to find out what happens. 

TonyMoly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask

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TonyMoly Snail Mask from Korea, a souvenir when a relative came to visit us, he was generous enough to give me a pack of ten or more, with that 99.9% aloe vera gel. I am sure that you have heard of them before 

It RRPs at Cosmetics Now for AUD $32.95 for 5 pieces 

What it claims to do:
Repair, regenerate & hydrate
Contains filtered essence derived from organically farmed snails in Korea.
Helps enhance skin’s hydration barrier while regenerating tired distressed skin.
Blended with a plant extract Ceramium Kondoi to deliver nutrition
Protects exhausted skin against external damage.
Skin appears softer smoother more luminous & vigorous looking.


For that price, I am a little disappointed that the hydrogel is not so nice and thick like the other hydrating mask I had before hand. It does the trick though, and it feels gel- like, so if you didn’t know if it is a snail mask you wouldn’t realize it either. However, it does hold a lot of the product, I could massage some into my neck and lower. 

Result? After first application, I can safely say that you do get what you paid for sometimes. In this case, the snails work at a faster pace, and I rest in peace knowing that they are farmed, and hope that they do not contain parasites or funny bacteria that will eat my face off. As I am writing this, my face is still intact. My skin does feel better hydrated despite the hot dry day I have had in the past few days. It glows, and I have not put on any highlighters lately.

Should you buy this?

Not sure, for the price, I can definitely say that there are many Korean or Japanese facial mask that does a stellar job for less than a fraction of the cost. Granted, I have been looking after my skin and hence it was not as visible or as big of a difference for me. If you have better results and you feel that my review is not right, please let other readers know.