The Dubious SIM Team: Colton Banyon Mystery 26Author: Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Series: Colton Banyon 26
Genre: action, mystery, sci- fi

Colton Banyon is not really back, but is a side character for the newly formed Scientific Investigations Mandate (SIM) team. This story happens directly after the Sumi Collision, belonging to his previous adventure series the Society of Orion. To understand this book better, you do have to start from Society of Orion, there is a 3 book box-set for you to start with. 

After the Sumi had been defeated, there are plenty of things to clean up. Dangerous weapons are high on the list, and SIM team has been tasked to find it. While Colton is not the main character in the SIM team series, he does a pretty job becoming the backup man. As the team struggles to find fifty of the remaining weapons, something interesting pops up at the Dark Web. Suddenly, it is not just the SIM team that is after the deadly things.

What happens if the Dubious SIM team finds those weapons? Colton wants to destroy it, but someone high up in the food chain wants to preserve them and find out how they work. If you have followed the Society of Orion series, you will know the answer to that. Troubles compound, and the team is running out of time. Thing keeps getting better and better, with poor Colt not getting any time to retire.

Interestingly enough, progression of the Dubious SIM team seems logical in Kubicki’s series. Colt has come so far from being a historical fiction to a science fiction story. However, I miss the history lesson Colt and his gang used to give, the good old times where I was taken to obscure yet real places that I have put onto my to visit list. I do hope that Colton will revisit more interesting historical place soon. 

  • Is this a novel or a graphic novel, Aylin? It sounds pretty good, but I’m not sure it’s truly for me…
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    • ailyn

      it’s a novel, haven’t thought if it being a good graphic novel before

  • Ooh, I haven’t heard of this one before! And it’s number #26 in a series?! THAT’S AMAZING.😱 I didn’t even know series could go on so long!

    • ailyn

      ohh.. long but every book is different. you should try it

  • This series is totally new to me, and this is book 26..eek. I do love the genres, and you have me curious!