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The Polish Discovery
Author: Gerald Kubicki, Christopher Kubicki
Series: The Society of Orion 1-3 
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing 
Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi ISBN-13: 978-1514870341
Synopsis from Amazon: This is a three book box set of Colton Banyon’s adventures in Poland. It starts out with a history of Banyon’s famous ancestor. Then both Loni and Banyon are kidnapped. They escape and discover The Society of Orion. The society had been around for thousands of years and protects the unique weapons that Orion used on earth. While Orion was a Geek mythical character, the evidence points to a real half-man and half-god. But some of the weapons have gone missing. The society enlists Banyon’s help in finding them, but things are not what they seem inside the society. As Colt and his team rush to recover the weapons, there are many who have plots of their own. He must fend them off and recover the weapons in three days.

I have read all three books for the Polish Discovery before, allow me to jog your memory. When Colton and Loni arrive in Poland, they had discovered that Colton’s ancestor Jakub had a history with items known as the Orion’s Talismans, items that the half man- half god Orion used while he was on Earth.

With great power does not always comes great responsibility, ask Colton. He might tell you that it is a great headache trying to keep the weapons away from power hungry individuals who are planning to use it to their own ends.  


Although stuck in Warsaw, Colton still has the help of the Patel sisters and staff from Dewey & Beatem. Together, they work to stop a potential war that the enemy is hell bent on raising. Who can Colton trust?

Colton’s series are mostly historically based, so there is some element of history in his action packed adventure to stop the world from crumbling. In the Polish Discovery, it is about Secret Society of Orion and various historical places that is worth visiting if you are a history buff. 

The authors have consolidated three books into one, so if you are interested in starting the series, this is the best time. You can click on the title above, or the link:

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Polish-Discovery-Society-Orion-1-3/dp/1514870347/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436462633&sr=8-1&keywords=Gerald+J+Kubicki