The Society of Orion: Book Eight The Sumi Collision 
Author: Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Genre: action, adventure, sci-fi
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Series: Society of Orion 8; Colton Banyon 22
Synopsis from Amazon: In the fast-paced final chapter in the Society of Orion series, Colton Banyon and his now extended team manage to capture the King of the Sumi. He discovers that the invasion of Earth is actually being controlled by a fanatical warlord named Erox who is currently beyond Banyon’s reach in outer space. Erox attacks New Delhi, India and St. Louis, Missouri with space ships that carry over a quarter of a million warriors each. Devastation is everywhere. But, the humans fight back. They soon start winning. Banyon keeps that information away from Erox and tricks him into coming to Earth to accept Earth’s surrender. Only Banyon has something else in mind

I am not sure what those Sumi people were thinking when they marched so many warriors to Earth, intending to take over. Was it misinformation or arrogance that had lead the leaders to launch such a massive scale of assault? Either way, it was a gross miscalculation, especially when Forever Ours team has most of the Orion Weapons and Colton already has a plan in mind.

As the world nears destruction, the team has to figure out the way to neutralize the enemy before they release their deadly army onto earth. By now, the people are panicking seeing ships hovering around specific points. Everyone has a job to do, and to win this war they have to do it right. Even with the Orion’s Weapons, there is a risk that Colton might mess up and lead the humans to almost extinction. By now we know why the Sumi people are planning to attack, and their strength and weaknesses.

Nearing the end, I was slightly disappointed at the enemy: they clearly are a fractured community with a big head. They have underestimated human being’s resourcefulness and unwillingness to give up. Chaos ensues, and now everyone has to focus on getting the Sumi out of the plant, at a cost.

Hopefully this is the real ending of The Society of Orion, it has been a great journey so far and I appreciate being able to accompany Colton Banyon and his team Forever Ours in their hard journey to peace. Maybe this time Colton finally gets to have a break, or retire as the others strive hard to retain his legacy.