Transformed: Paris: A Quirky Queer Spy Novel, 2
Author: Jack Harvey, Suzanne Falter
Publisher: New Heights Publishing
Series: A Quirky Queer Spy Novel 2
Genre: LGBT, mystery
ASIN: B01K0T768E

I have received the book from the authors in exchange for a fair review. 

Story starts off with transman Charley MacElroy and Electra going to Paris, meanwhile there is a plot of plant dirty bombs around Paris, to threaten the government into kicking out the migrants. Main thing is that, you already know who the bad guys are, the heroes do not. Top that off with Charley and Electra having relationship problems because of the topic of polyamory. 

I do not mind this book, it is easy to read despite the fact that I have not read the first book, Transformed: San Francisco. Accompanying Charley and Electra on a chase to find the bad guys was fun, but not totally exhilarating. I am not sure how Electra became a dominatrix sleuth, but she does have a pretty good nose. While Charley is busy cutting red tapes, Electra somehow manages to steal the show.

When the duo is not hunting bad guys, the story turns to their relationship and its problems. While I understand that this is a series and their relationship will be a constant topic, I find that in Transformed: Paris, it was a little long winded. Charley tries to be forceful, but Electra pushes back as she is not comfortable with the idea of polyamory at all. 

There is not much thrills in this book, because you are just reading how the story played out, instead of guessing who is the bad guy and what is their next step. While the book is well plotted and the characters are solid, Transformed: Paris is just another action movie that struggles to keep my attention. Overall, this book is a fun read with some interesting conflicts, but it seems like the story is still in the building stage.

  • Hmm, I prefer solving the mystery, but some of this sounds interesting

    • ailyn

      yeah.. not for mystery but the characters i guess